Process of Participation

  • Individual schools must apply to be considered for a Missouri Reading Initiative site. By submitting an application, the school administration and staff are committing to a partnership with Missouri Reading Initiative for improved literacy achievement in their school. The application is available on the website and may be completed and submitted to the Missouri Reading Initiative office.
  • Before the school year begins, a trainer will conduct initial training for the administrator and teachers. The length of this initial training can be tailored to fit the individual school situation. The purpose of the initial training will be to give teachers some research-based best practices with which to start the school year. Administrator involvement is necessary for systemic change to happen; therefore, it is an MRI expectation that the principal actively participates in all training sessions with the teachers and trainer. Likewise, all teachers that have a connection to literacy instruction (including Title I teachers, special education teachers, reading specialists, librarians, etc.) are encouraged to be involved in the training.
  • Once the school year starts, a trainer will return periodically to work with teachers and administrators. During these visits, the trainer will introduce new content to one or more grade levels of teachers. The trainer will model various components of literacy instruction for teachers as they work with students in classrooms.
  • Eventually, trainers will observe and coach teachers as they implement the practice with their own students.
  • Common grade level collaborative time will provide opportunities for teachers to reflect on their own practice, ask questions of the MRI trainer, and plan for further visits. 
  • The training of Missouri Reading Initiative schools will typically follow a three-year format. Due to the varying difference of school size, the number of days per year will be determined through discussions by the MRI Director and school administration.
  • If at the end of the third year school personnel feel that further training and continued support are needed from the Missouri Reading Initiative staff, a plan may be developed cooperatively involving the MRI Director, school personnel, and the MRI trainer.